SAN ANTONIO -- A deadly dispute over a woman and drugs yielded an arrest on the charge of murder. Terrel Williams was booked into the Bexar County Detention for the Sept. 18 killing of Lester Devezin.

According to an arrest warrant, the two men dated the same woman. Tension also existed between the men over drug sales and customers, police said.

A witness told police Williams came to the 100 block of Koehler Court on Sept 18. That witness said Devezin was on the street. Devezin arrived. He reportedly walked into a friend's home to get an assault-style rifle.

The warrant said Devezin told the 25-year-old suspect he wasn't allowed to sell drugs in front of their residence. He asked him to leave. A witness said Williams responded with gunfire.

Williams was shot by a friend of Devezin who allegedly feared for his life. Devezin died at a local hospital. Williams dropped his gun, retreated and sought help nearby. He survived emergency surgery. No one else was injured.