SAN ANTONIO - Hundreds of people across Bexar County will be popping fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Despite it being illegal within San Antonio city limits, people will ignore the law and do so anyway. That’s why the San Antonio Police Department is trying something different this year to crack down on violators.

In January, Eyewitness News aired drone video someone recorded at night during New Year’s celebrations. The video showed just how many people ignore San Antonio’s ordinance against shooting off fireworks. In January, we also spoke to Sandra Sena who said the evidence is also all over streets, like hers on the west side, as fireworks trash and debris littered roads.

“If you can get away with it and you’re not getting caught, then yeah, I see they’re going to keep on doing it,” said Sena.

That’s probably true considering during the Fourth of July in 2016, police responded to hundreds of calls, but only issued two citations.

“I’m sure that’s been a part of it, you know over the course of time our patrol officers have to make those more serious calls and they really don’t have much time to address the fireworks violations,” said SAPD officer Doug Greene.

This year will be different.

After collaborating with the fire department on how to fix this issue, SAPD will now have an undisclosed amount of officers on the Fourth of July who are dedicated to responding to fireworks calls and looking for violations.

“If it doesn’t work, we’re going to go back to the table and we’ll sit down with the fire department to see what other strategies we can do to help reduce this, but it’s definitely a safety issue,” said Greene.

If caught violating the city’s fireworks ordinance, the fine can reach as high as $2,000.