A distraught man covered in blood told San Antonio Police he and his friends were targeted by fake police who beat and robbed them, officers said.

According to police, the victim was found wandering at a neighboring apartment complex. He led officers back to the 4900 block of Woodstone Drive around 7 a.m. Thursday.

The robbery victim told investigators that at least two men knocked on the door of his friends' apartment. The suspects forced their way in and then beat, zip tied and robbed the victims before leaving.

Officers on the scene said two of the male victims are tenants at the apartment complex. According to the bloody man, there was also a woman with them.

Police have not found the three other victims. Emergency officials have not received any calls at local hospitals for help.

Police said they found areas inside the apartment that corroborate the male victim's account including zip ties and blood. Investigators had no description of the alleged robbers at the scene.

Detectives took the victim to public safety headquarters for questioning.

The case is being investigated as an aggravated robbery.