SAN ANTONIO - Fiesta is right around the corner and on Saturday, the city's west side held it's own fiesta kickoff party.

It was a celebration of arts and culture and one way to keep the community thriving.

"We are grounded in our Latino culture and they go hand in hand," artist Erica De Larosa said. "Arts and culture go hand in hand."

Hosted by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, West Fest highlighted community engagement with the arts and uplifting the next generation.

"With issues going on with immigration it's really important for us to take pride in who we are," Jane Madrigal, an art teacher at the center, said.

West Fest is also a part of a larger economic development initiative to help build the west side. The event is a way to encourage leaders to invest more into the area.

"We want to see more businesses move into the area, we want to see more visitors and more foot traffic," Joel Settles, with the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, said. "To do that we've got to activate the place. We've got to really show people the vision."