Ron Brown, outreach director at Haven for Hope, has been helping the homeless in San Antonio for years.

"We have a very basic concern about individuals out here who need some assistance just staying hydrated," Brown said.

On hot days, he said his job is even more important. Saturday, he handed out water and Gatorade, making sure the homeless stay hydrated in times of extreme heat.

"I've seen people throw up, vomiting, getting way overheated just because the fact they want to walk around here all day and not drink nothing," Kyle Tanner, who has been homeless for about a month said.

Daniel Magee has been homeless for decades. He said in the summer he makes several mile and a half round-trip walks a day from his camp to get water.

"It's really hard because we're so far from where I get the water and it's heavy, water is really heavy. It's really difficult," Magee said.

"It really is hot and sometimes it gets so hot that I Just stay up under the bridge because this is the coolest spot I can find being homeless," Tony, a man who has been homeless for almost a year said.

A group of homeless people trying to find shade under a bridge Saturday say they're thankful for people like Ron Brown who take the time to check in on them

"The weather has been so hot that some of us is just passing out so when somebody come by that cares, we should appreciate it and we should let the public know that some of us are still cared for," Tony said.