As snow blankets cover the northeast, travelers in San Antonio are left in limbo.

The San Antonio airport saw 62 delays and 20 cancellations in the past two days alone, just as spring break kicks off for many students looking to travel.

On Tuesday morning, passengers crowded waiting areas, nervously checking their phones and setting up emergency accommodations.

Flights from up north and even as far west as Chicago were delayed at best.

“We were told the roads don’t exist anymore… they’re not viewable,” traveler Maggie Botrous said.

She was flying through San Antonio with a group of New Jersey high school students.

“All I know is what my mom is telling me,” Emma Bekhet said. “She’s like, ‘there’s no way you guys are coming, don’t even try.’”

The same goes for journalism students at Brandeis and Clark high schools, who had to cancel their trip to New York City.

Warren High School also had to abandon a trip for their orchestra program.

It’s a situation New York Governor Andrew Cuomo explained in a recent interview with CBS.

“It’s coming down at about four inches per hour, which is an unmanageable rate,” Cuomo said.

In a prepared statement, San Antonio International Airport spokesperson said they’re sensitive to conditions in the Northeast, and advise all travelers to check with their airlines for cancellations or delays.