Days after the Texas Senate decided to move forward with the controversial bathroom bill, SB6, a San Antonio transgender woman and comedian is speaking out against the bill.

The bill would require people to use public restrooms and locker rooms that align with their "biological sex."

Joan Riviera takes the stage as a comedian, and calls herself the 'Mexican Joan Rivers.'

But now, she's taking a different stage. Speaking up for those without a voice.

"When I was 4-years-old, I wanted to go to the girls' restroom and they would not allow me," she said.

Joan said it made going to school a nightmare.

"Having to pee myself, having to have feces on myself only because I was not allowed to use the restroom that I knew I was supposed to go to," Riviera said.

Riviera said she had suicidal thoughts as a child. She hopes by speaking up against SB6, she will keep today's youth from going through a similar situation.

"If this bill passes there will be suicides by trans kids because they will say, 'if the government does not allow me to be me, then what can I expect?'"

Last month, the Trump Administration rolled back on Obama-era guidance in support of transgender rights, leaving the issue up to the state.

The bill would require students to use restrooms matching their birth gender as listed on their birth certificate. SB6 would affect facilities in public schools, universities, and government buildings.

Proponents of the bill argue it will increase privacy and safety and keep men out of women’s bathrooms.

Riviera encourages opponents to speak up.

"Call your senators, get on the phone and dial those numbers," she said.