More than 60 years after he left to fight in the Korean War, a San Antonio soldier has finally returned home.

Corporal Frank Sandoval was killed while serving, but his body remained missing until now.

KENS 5 was the only TV station at the San Antonio International Airport when the body of Corporal Sandoval's arrived on a Delta flight Monday morning.

It was an emotional event for Corporal Sandoval's two sons who haven't seen their dad in decades and wondered if they ever would again.

A newspaper clipping from 1953 showed a picture of their young family in mourning. The photo brings back memories of a sometimes painful childhood.

"It was difficult to see everybody had dads, but not us," Frank Sandoval said.

Frank and Alejandro Sandoval would spend the next 60 plus years praying for today, their father's homecoming

"I kept praying that he'd get here before I passed and he has," Alejandro Sandoval said.

Their dad, Corporal Frank Sandoval has been buried at Pearl Harbor for 65 years.

He was misidentified after dying from time spent at a North Korean prison camp.

"He was tagged erroneously with another name so he'd been buried all this time under a different name," Frank Sandoval said.

A few months ago another family requested the body, and with the help of DNA, realized it wasn't their loved one, it was Frank and Alejandro's.

"We kept the faith and it worked, he was brought home," Frank Sandoval said.

It's closure for them. They hope other families of POWs can find the same peace one day, too.

"There are about 7,500 still out there unidentified and they're working on them," Alejandro Sandoval said.

"Keep the faith, pray and the good will come out. We actually thought we would never see this day. This is an incredible day," Frank said.

Corporal Sandoval will be laid to rest for a final time Tuesday at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.