SAN ANTONIO -- Cubs fans around the nation are on cloud nine.

San Antonio has its fair share of fanatics, many of which flooded the Wrigleyville Grill on the city's north side looking to grab a Chicago-style hot dog to celebrate both the team and National Sandwich Day.

Since the doors to the restaurant opened, Cubs fans filled the place. As of 3:30 p.m. Thursday, the restaurant posted a sign telling the public they ran out of food because of the rush.

Wednesday night for Game 7, it was standing room only inside Wrigleyville Grill. Fans said the food trays had to crowd surf to get to the owners.

"Whether you win or lose, you're a Cubs fan. Harry Caray up there, he would be so happy. He's celebrating right now with his Cub friends," said Cubs fan, Paul Cubeta from Skokie, IL.

Chicago natives said they're still soaking in the "miracle win."

"The curse is over. It's over, done with, buried eight feet under," Cubeta said.

108 years later, the curse is over.

"I couldn't believe it. I was stunned, I was tearing up. I just wish my dad could have been around," said Cubs fan, Art Perez, who grew up in Chicago.

"I wish my great grandmother was here. I dreamed my entire life for this. 41 years and the Cubs did it," said Cubs fan, Tiffany Smith who also grew up in Chicago.

Smith said she used to work at the McDonald's across from Wrigley Field and would frequently attend games with her grandmother.

Cubs fans also brought signed memorabilia to Wrigleyville. Ken Zielinski brought a signed Ernie Banks picture and baseball along with Cubs trading cards.

"All through high school, I skipped school I don't know how many times to go to the ballpark," Zielinski said.

Others brought in the work-family to celebrate for lunch.

Jeff Frigstab, a Chicago native, paid for lunch for his co-workers in honor of his Cubbies.

"When that game was over and you're just sitting back watching the Cubs celebrate, what goes through your mind?" we asked.

"Wow. Just wow. We won. It's awesome," said Frigstab. "Been a die-hard Cubs fan since I was a little boy. Went to spring training every year."

Even if the home team is 1,200 miles away, one song brings San Antonio Cubs fans back to Wrigley field.

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" filled the air inside Wrigleyville.

The popular choice off the menu Thursday was the Italian Beef Sandwich.