Roads downtown around Hemisfair Park started to shut down Saturday as workers began to prepare for the city's New Year's Eve celebrations.

The city's official New Year's Eve event kicks off at 4 P.M. Sunday and is free to the public. The festivities will include an outdoor food court, live musical performances, and entertainers.

The city is planning special park and ride locations and discounted fares on VIA bus rides. Across San Antonio, people say they're excited for a chance to celebrate 2018.

"We're probably going to go to Six Flags to see the fireworks and basically just like try to stay awake, with four kids it's hard, but we're so happy that we have family in town so we're going to try to celebrate that," said Carmen Sosa.

"We're going to have a little family party and probably do some fireworks and just enjoy each others company and see the New Year in," said Elaine Rimpson.