A split second decision made by two San Antonio Police Department officers helped save seven people from a massive fire Wednesday.

It happened at a two-story apartment on the 600 block of Riverside Drive where investigators said an electrical fire broke out. As first responders arrived, they found one woman stranded on a carport trying to escape.

"My partner whipped around and put his vehicle in front and I was able to clear out the bottom half," SAPD Officer Emilio De La Rosa, said. "Then my partner jumped on his car and got on the roof so we could get the top half."

Officer Michael Brewer, who jumped on the car, said he asked the woman to come down, but she didn't.

"My total focus was getting her off the building," Brewer said. "She stayed up there way too long for my liking. We had to go get her down."

The fire caused about $50,000 worth of damage according to investigators.

Many of those victims are getting help from the local Red Cross.