SAN ANTONIO - An estimated 900 nurses from across the country, including San Antonio, gathered at the nation’s capital to hold lawmakers accountable for pending health care issues.

One San Antonio nurse rallied in Washington D.C. to share her very personal story of misdiagnosis.

"To see her keeping him alive with all of this is just amazing,” Mallory McCollum said.

Mallory, 19 had never been to nurse's rally before. She came this year to support her mother who is a nurse as she fights against the patient to staff ratio legislation.

"I routinely have 7-8 patients. Still, do,” Deena McCollum said.

McCollum said the staffing situation in Texas hospitals can be stressful and it allows opportunities for nurses to misdiagnose patients. That's something she has experienced firsthand. McCollum said that faulty information cost her father his life.

"My dad died in 2014 as a result of medical errors in a hospital in San Antonio," McCollum said.

More than 900 nurses from across the country gathered to "Take D.C.” a phrase McCollum coined.

The nurses said the legislation would require nurses to have eight patients. They said that's too many patients to look after making it difficult to recognize life-threatening symptoms.

"A nurse who takes four patients, then you have a nurse with eight patients and you compare the outcomes, a nurse who has eight patients will have five more deaths for thousand patients than the nurse with four patients,” Janie Harvey Garner, founder of Show Me Your Stethoscope said. “What is the cost of a life? What's to cost? Priceless."

McCollum said she'll continue to push lawmakers until patient to staff ratios are manageable.