Jermiane Rodriguez's early morning drive turned into distress because of flooding on San Antonio's south side.

"The water just like submerged our car, literally went all over our car and then it turned off," Rodriguez said.

Her two daughters, Faith and Ebony, were in the car too.

Stalled in high water in the 1000 block of Quintana Road, she called the San Antonio Fire Department.

Firefighters rushed to the scene. They carried the nine and 11-year-old girls from the car.

Rodriguez was next.

"I've never been rescued by the fire department before,' Rodriguez said. "This is crazy."

Rodriguez wasn't the only victim of the flood. Crystal Manchaca was a victim too. Her vehicle shut down too. Others who managed to avoid the flood got stuck in the mud.

"There's like four to five other cars that ended up getting stuck. We're just all trying to get out of it," Manchaca said.

Officials closed down that portion of Quintana Rd because too many vehicles became affected.

In the 8200 block of Marbach Road, San Antonio Police said seven cars were submerged in flood water.

Nicole Garcia was one of the hit hardest.

Firefighters assisted her out of her car after rising water came up to her windows. That's only the beginning of her problems.

"I'm homeless," Garcia said. "So I have all my stuff in the car. It's gone."

As for Rodriguez, she's wondering if her car will ever work again from the south San Antonio flooding.

"That's our only vehicle. I don't know what we're going to do," Rodriguez said.

Her daughter Faith hugged her worrying mother.

"It's ok mom," Rodriguez said. "We'll probably make it, right mom?"