Two events on Monday honored those who were wounded in war.

Each exemplified very different ways of showing the community's support, but both paid homage to heroes.

One being a 500-mile bike ride and the other a brand new home presented to a special veteran.

"A lot of wounded warriors use this (event) as camaraderie," Jonathan Dade, retired Navy Sergeant said. "It's a way to get through our struggles."

Dade prayed before his first trek to Waco, then Houston.

The United Healthcare Texas Challenge brought 100 veterans together, many who were wounded.

"You're nervous for the challenge," Dade said. "but you're also very uplifted that you're around people who have gone through similar things you are,"

Everyone watching cheered as the veterans began their long journey.

Thirty miles away was a similar display of patriotism.

People lined the streets outside of a home in New Braunfels.

They waved their American flags as retired Sgt. Blaine Scott was given the keys to his brand new home.

The home awarded to Scott by non-profit called Helping a Hero.

"They are very generous and kind," Scott said, "without them, I wouldn't have the home of my dreams.

More than 40 percent of Scott's skin was burned after an IED went off while he was serving in Iraq.

Scott and his family toured the home in awe.

"It's unbelievable living here. We're very fortunate and very lucky," Scott said.

In the home, there's a special tribute to his late daughter Isabella, and an extra room for any wounded warriors in need of a place to stay.

"We have that bond," Scott said. "That's something regular people don't have,"

At both events the wounded heroes were able to access support, something that is so essential to healing.