A San Antonio-area dad is celebrating Father's Day weekend in a way he didn't expect after winning a sweepstakes out of state.

Cheerios and General Mills partnered with the popular blog, "Life of Dad," to offer the best Cheerio-stackers a free trip to the Mall of America.

Baldemar Guerrero III told KENS5 he was scrolling through Instagram recently, when he saw a post about the Cheerio challenge, referring to stacking and balancing as many Cheerios as possible atop a loved one.

"I immediately told my fiancé we need to enter, and so we gave it a shot. It was very challenging but funny to do," he said.

Guerrero said his family was so surprised when they found out their photo had been one of the three winning families selected. They said they feel particularly thankful to be heading to Minnesota.

"I felt it was a blessing from dad above because this is going to be the first Father's Day without my father. I had gone with him and my brother once as a child. He is still doing wonders for me even off the earth," Guerrero said.

Guerrero and his family left early Saturday morning and are looking forward to spending Father's Day weekend in an unforgettable way.