SAN ANTONIO - This Father's Day, one young couple was searching for their daughter.

Their baby girl passed away in February and they carry her ashes with them in a tiny urn. However, early Saturday morning, the couple said someone stole their baby's ashes.

Parents search for stolen urn holding baby's ashes.

Jasmine Mena, 20, and Cristian Ozuna Bustamante, 21, lost their first child, Angel Maria, on Feb. 27.

"We had woken up one morning and my water had broken, and we rushed to the hospital and everything and they had to induce me," said Mena. "Right when they told me they had to induce me, they already told me there was no chance of survival."

"She was premature," Bustamante said.

Angel had Limb-Body Wall Complex.

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Limb-Body Wall Complex (LBWC) is a "rare complicated sporadic polymalformative fetal malformation syndrome, characterized by a wide spectrum of severe anomalies in the body wall. The incidence at birth is about 0.32 per 100,000 births because the majority of affected fetuses undergo intrauterine deaths."

"[Angel] is always gonna be in our heart, no matter what," Bustamante said.

Since then, the couple carries around their daughter's ashes in a tiny heart-shaped urn, protected by a blue velvet box.

Parents search for stolen urn holding baby's ashes.

As the couple searches for a new home, they live out of their truck as they work to get back on their feet and Angel's urn sat on the front dashboard.

Saturday, as the couple slept in at the Knights Inn off East Houston Street by the AT&T Center, the unthinkable happened.

"Since we have been living in our truck for the past couple of days because the motel was getting too expensive, our friend from Houston came down and she had rented a motel and she had two beds, so she invited us to spend the night with her," Mena said.

"In the morning, once we were trying to leave, he noticed there was glass everywhere," Mena continued. "When [Cristian] came back to the door, he just said, 'Angel's gone! Angel's gone!' At that moment, my heart dropped."

Mena said someone broke their truck's passenger window and took Angel's urn.

"They thought it was something they could sell to get money off of," she said.

"The thing is, they broke into our car and they took her, but our phones were still there," said Bustamante. "It's like losing [Angel] all over again."

The couple found traces of blood on the dashboard and looked over surveillance video from the hotel to try and capture the people responsible for the crime.

Mena posted about the theft on Facebook and hundreds shared the story.

As the couple works with police to find the culprit, they continue to search for their baby Angel.

"If [the criminals are] willing to come forward, they can just message me directly and I won't ask any questions," said Mena. "They can keep everything else they took. I don't care. We just want Angel back."

Mena asked that if anyone comes across Angel's urn, please take it to the nearest San Antonio Police Department substation. You can also contact Mena personally on Facebook.