Stressing about your bank account means you are a human but getting finances in order can feel like a guessing game. Asking around San Antonio, most people have put some thought into what works for them when it comes to managing their money.

“I think it helps to write stuff out and to have like an account you don't touch,” said Christina Brown.

She does not believe in New Year's resolutions. Brown says it should not take a special day to make a great plan for your life.

Her friend Justin Gonzalez says resolutions can't hurt, especially if that is what it takes to improve your life. He has financial goals to accomplish in 2018.

“Needs over wants. Do you really need it or do you just really want it,” asked Gonzalez.

He takes out cash with each paycheck that is allotted to the “wants.” The amount is all he permits himself to shell out. He says seeing the dough in his wallet helps keep spending under control.

Sometimes we need help getting our money in order. If you are in the military, Joint Base San Antonio offers consultations with a financial advisor.

If you are a civilian, head to the app store on your phone. Double check the program's security features and then let the app do the planning for you.

For more in-depth training consider taking a money management class.

There are video seminars and free courses available at the click of a button online.