SAN ANTONIO -- Last year Sam Houston High School's marching band had its barbecue pit stolen.

"It just surprised me that they would have the gall to steal something like that," said senior Samuel Rodriguez.

The pit was the band's primary fundraiser for trips to Florida A&M's summer camp every year.

"Without that pit, we wouldn't be able to make all the money we need to pay for the transportation," Rodriguez said.

The community stepped up, though. Big Big Barbecue donated a pit, and so did St. Phillips College.

Not too long after that, the original pit was returned, too.

"Now we're using the pit that was stolen from us and two other pits," said band director Bruce Adams. "Whoever did it, thank you I guess, but you know, you blessed us thank you for the blessing that we received, but don't do it again, that's not how we want to be blessed."

With so many pits, the band was able to increase production. They expected to sell 1200 plates combining pre-sales and walk-ins.

"I believe in work I tell my students all the time, you don't work, you don't eat, so we work first and then we eat, literally," Adams said.