Thousands of teachers packed the AT&T Center to show their school spirit on Wednesday.

While other school districts are set to start school on August 28, San Antonio Independent School District will go back to school on Monday, August 14.

The early start is meant to help balance out the testing schedule during the school year and give students the opportunity to earn college credit. Teachers said they're excited to get started.

"We were actually talking about how we want more time at school," Monica Henderson, a teacher at David Crockett Elementary School, said. "We love prepping, we love building our climate, our morale."

SAISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez helped teachers establish a vision for the year, to surpass the success from last year. The class of 2017 is said to be the largest graduating class in SAISD history, with an 85 percent graduation rate.

"My children go to SAISD," Henderson said. "I am a product of SAISD, my sister is a teacher for SAISD, so coming here we get more of a vision of what we are doing and what we are impacting."

The teachers and administration in the district are impacting the lives of more than 53,000 students.

"There's just so much pride," Superintendent Martinez said. "What we're trying to do is to bring that pride back, so that we can show what the potential of our families is and what our children can do and we're starting to see it."