SAN ANTONIO -- Daniel Dickerson, or 'Fireman Dan' as school children around San Antonio call him, gives plenty of fire safety presentations to kindergartners.

"We want them to understand and recognize the situation. To know when to call 911 and to know when to get out," he said.

Thursday afternoon, he and his fellow firefighters got something in return, teddy bears. Firefighters will hand them out to children they meet on emergency calls.

"It establishes a rapport," he said. "As a medical personnel to be able to open that line of communication with a small child when they tend to want to clam up when they're hurt. That allows us to get information from them that could be critical to their medical care."

Kindergartners at Saint Mary's Hall spent weeks earning allowance money that they spent on the teddies.

"I folded laundry and I cleaned my room," Brielle Book said.

The kids also learned what to do if a fire were to spark at their homes.

"If you ever have a fire, you duck down, cover your eyes and your mouth, and tumble," Augie Cummings said.