A New Hampshire fire department posted a picture on Facebook showing a phone charger that burned through a bed.

The post was meant to warn the public about the dangers of charging electronics in bed. The caption reads, research has revealed that 53 percent of children charge their phone or tablet either on their bed or under their pillow.

This places the child as well as everyone else in the home in great danger.

San Antonio Fire Department said that although electrical house fires are common in San Antonio, they don't tend to be caused by overheated electronics. However, they did say that keeping electronics charging in bed overnight does pose enough of a risk to not do it.

"Any device that's plugged in that can get hot that's sitting in a bed or sitting on something that can be considered flammable is a danger," Woody Woodward, with San Antonio Fire Department, said.

They suggest that people place their electronics on a hard surface when charging them and that they unplug them before going to bed.

"You got to check your wall outlets to make sure they're not hot to the touch," Woodward said. "Make sure they're on a counter or another surface that's not considered to be easily flammable."