“I’m screaming help me,” Sherry Cushman said, as she broke into tears while describing fighting off three dogs, including two bull dogs and a pitbull mix.

She said the three dogs had her tiny eight-pound dog in their jaws.

“Somebody!” Cushman screamed. “They are killing my dogs and no one is coming!”

Now the San Antonio woman is desperate for justice after she says her neighbors dogs killed her tiny pet.

After fighting off the dogs off with her bare hands, she now wants the city to fight to make sure these dogs never attack again.

“He shredding her and her neck is broken,” Cushman said. “I looked up and the pitbull was right here with Darsa in his mouth and her neck is already broken. The only thing that can move were her eyes. Her eyes were looking at me and I almost grabbed him.”

She claims the neighbor's dogs made their way through a hole in the fence that has since been repaired. She says those dogs attacked two year-old Darsa, a black miniature pinscher chihuahua mix.

“I said get away from me or I’ll kill you and he ran,” Cushman said. “I’m screaming give me my Darsa, and there’s that dog licking the blood on his face and he has her.”

An SAPD report says near the hole in the fence officers found chicken wire and a large stone that the dogs had been able to move.

Eyewitness News knocked on the neighbor’s door with questions about the dogs that attacked.

There was no answer, but there was a violation notice from Animal Care Services. ACS said the investigation has just begun and owners of aggressive or dangerous dogs are held accountable.

In an email ACS said:

Animal Care Services is currently engaged in the Dangerous Dog Investigation process with the complainant, Ms. Cushman, whose pet Darsi, was apparently killed by her neighbor's dogs. While this investigation has just begun and it's outcome has not been determined, San Antonio's animal laws remain clear. It is illegal to allow your pet to roam off your property. This is a matter of public safety and protection for both people and their pets. Cases such as these are taken very seriously by Animal Care Services and owners of dogs legally found aggressive or dangerous will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

According to the police report, officers told Cushman to keep her other small dog, Namaste, inside her house so this won't happen again.