SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio voters said yes, overwhelmingly, to a bond package worth $850 million.

The proposal was split into six different propositions and KENS Eyewitness News took a look at what the money will buy.

Proposition One is the biggest of the six propositions. It includes 64 projects with a total of $445 million for improvements to streets, bridges, and sidewalks.

Proposition Two is perhaps the biggest life saver of the propositions. It includes funding for 19 projects related to drainage and flood control with a cost just shy of $139 million.

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space are the focus of Proposition Three. San Antonio voters have said yes to projects like this many times and this new initiative funds 79 projects at a cost of $187 million.

Five projects costing $34 million are the basis of Proposition Four. The money is dedicated to improvements at public gathering places like senior and community centers and libraries.

Proposition Five is about public safety as well, improving five facilities for first responders at a cost of $34 million. The final proposition, Proposition Six will cost $20 million for urban and neighborhood improvements like demolishing blight and making way for new growth.

City Manager Sheryl Sculley said her staff is ready to go to work, putting these improvement projects out for bids.