SAN ANTONIO - Mark Fukuda, a U.S. Army and Navy veteran, has been building bikes since he was a child.

Fukuda is now living in San Antonio and has decided to use his love for bikes to help give veterans and wound warriors their recreational life back.

"I want all veterans to get out there and really experience this wonderful life of riding bikes," Fukuda said.

Fukuda said at the moment he's only able to build one electric bike a year on average, all out of his own pocket. He said the high price of the batteries is what is holding him back.

"I wouldn't feel good charging a veteran for a bike," Fukuda said.

Which is why Fukuda is looking for the community's help.

"Every broken bike in the world is my supply department," Fukuda said. "So if people don't want them or if they have out grown them, just bring them down and there is your donation."

If you would want to help Mark, you contact him at or (210) 475-2087. You can also donate on his GoFundMe page.