A new store in Stone Oak is working to take the stigma out of using C-B-D products for wellness. While the compound is often associated with marijuana, other plants also produce the substance.

Alamo Botanicals says their boutique style store sells legal items derived from hemp. The products can be used to treat pain ailments of all kinds.

Aaron Luckey, David Burrow, and Charles Rodkey teamed up to bring the unique shopping experience to San Antonio. The business idea was sparked by a journey to healing for Charles Rodkey's own mother.

“Her knuckles used to be so swollen she couldn't wear her wedding ring,” said Rodkey.

A few years ago, Liz Rodkey began looking for a solution to her arthritis pain and inflammation. She tried salves and tincture drops made with CBD oil.

“Once we got her on the C-B-D, [we saw her inflammation] start to subside," said Rodkey. "She was also able to get better sleep because she wasn’t having so many of the issues. That really opened her eyes to the power of this compound.”

To find the products, the group would have to visit smoke and novelty shops. They wanted to create a shopping atmosphere where their own parents would be comfortable. The plan took about a year to accomplish but the doors of Alamo Botanicals on Stone Oak Parkway opened up in October.

The owners explain that C-B-D will not get you high. Rodkey said all products sold at Alamo Botanicals and on their website are legal. He said due to the chemical makeup of the products, no medical card is necessary.

“This is different from medical marijuana," said Rodkey. "It’s derived from industrial hemp.”

The employees urge education on C-B-D and say they’re ready to answer any questions. They also offer links to online research done by independent groups. They also carry products designed for pets.