SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio's school districts are teaming up and taking significant steps to protect our kids.

Starting Dec. 5, more than 700 school buses will be equipped with cameras allowing them to catch drivers red handed and ticket them for passing while kids are boarding.

On Tuesday, District 2 councilman Alan Warrick announced the new program which will include Judson ISD, NEISD, Southwest ISD, Southside ISD, and South San ISD.

The rest of the city's school districts aren't participating.

The cameras capture all angles from the exterior of the bus, as well as the interior. Anyone who passes a bus while its stop lights are out will get a hefty civil fine in the mail, something Warrick said has been successful in cities that are using similar programs.

"It's really shown to be a deterrent,” said Warrick. “Those 20 to 25 percent reductions year over year that they've seen in other cities is something that we definitely want to have here in San Antonio because we know that we're right at the national average already."

Ticketing will begin on Monday, with 40 percent of the revenue from those tickets going right back to the school districts. The other 60 percent will go to the private company that installed and operates the cameras, BusGuard.

Councilman Warrick said his next goal is to get the rest of the city's school districts on board, including those in his city council district. The program does not cost the school district anything to operate.