Monday morning, the San Antonio River Authority announced it was internationally honored.

That means more tourism dollars for the Alamo City.

The San Antonio River Authority compared it to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but only for rivers!

“It’s like the Nobel Prize for those of us that manage rivers all around the world,” S.A.R.A. General Manager Suzanne Scott exclaimed.

Call it San Antonio's year.

The city is already on a roll with the World Heritage designation. Now just before it celebrates its 300th birthday, here comes another international recognition.

“All the great rivers around the world have received this award and now we are one of them,” Scott added.

The San Antonio River Authority worked tirelessly by competing with cities across the world for the title of Theiss International River Prize. “This is the culmination of decades of work,” Scott said.

Judge Nelson Wolff said tourism is expected to spike because this puts San Antonio on the map, again, worldwide.

“It’s a combination of economic development , water quality and flood control and then on the on southern reach the largest ecological restoration of an urban river in the United States.” Wolff said.

Wolff added that this award also has legs to help continue growing South Town as well.

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