SAN ANTONIO -- Supporters of the grassroots group "San Antonio for Hillary" and members of the Bexar County Democratic Party gathered in front of a big screen outside Cruz Ortiz's art studio to watch the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Sunday night.

Several gasps and chuckles were heard throughout the watch party after some of Trump's comments during the debate. Some were still outraged over a 2005 tape where he was recorded talking about groping women.

"Those comments are reflective of what Donald Trump thinks of women and people that are not part of his socioeconomic class or his culture. It just shows he's ignorant," Dinorah Diaz said.

"It's sad that we can't talk about the actual issues that are facing our country, and instead we are talking about this character," David Medford said.

The Bexar County Republican Party did not schedule a watch party. KENS 5 contacted the spokeswoman for the local party to request a comment, but did not hear back Sunday.

Dr. Robert Marbut, a political science professor from Northwest Vista College, also gave his input. He said things are not looking good for Donald Trump.

"You can't overstate how bad this is. There's never been a candidate ever that has had such a problematic week, that devastating for him as a party nominee. This has never happened before," Marbut said.

"The Republicans are going to organize tomorrow and try to see if they can remove him. The problem is time and Trump's ego," he said.

Marbut also said if Trump is removed from this presidential election, there is a chance Pence could be the new candidate, which could put Hilary's chances at great risk.

Marbut said the things Trump said in that recording will mostly impact the voting choice of women in the middle class. Which he said a candidate needs in order to win this election.

He also said it could take a while for each state to remove Trump as their candidate because each state works differently. KENS 5 also spoke with Marbut before the debate started.