Protesters gathered in San Antonio on Tuesday for a Tax Day protest, urging President Trump to release his taxes to the public.

Their protest is one of many marches taking place across the nation this week.

Many of the protesters claim while they pay their taxes, they say the President does not.

They're demanding the president release his tax returns and provide the transparency that previous presidents have provided.

They are also skeptical of alleged suspicious ties to Russia.

As for the Trump administration, his team is focused on reassuring allies that the U.S. will do all it can to ensure North Korea stops it's nuclear and ballistic missile program.

Tuesday, the president shifted his focus to domestic jobs when he signed an executive order to discourage companies from hiring low-wage foreign workers.

KENS 5 tried to talk face to face with Congressman Will Hurd, whose office said he is busy serving his constituents.

His spokesman Justin Hollis said quote "If the DCCC and the Texas Democratic Party would have done their homework, they would know that Congressman Hurd called on President Trump to release his taxes back in January."