For one San Antonio mother, witnessing the news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas was like reliving her own nightmare; the day her daughter was killed in a Colorado movie theater.

"Once you lose a child there is no closure," said Sandy Phillips. "Especially to violence. You ache every minute of every day."

For Phillips the Las Vegas mass shooting hit home.

"What we have is a massive public safety issue," Phillips said.

While still grieving for her own daughter who was shot on July 20, 2012 by a gunman at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, Phillips isn't sitting on her hands.

She has since become a gun safety advocate and created the website Jessi's Message to reduce violence.

"It's not about, ‘oh we are trying to take your guns,’" she said. "It's about putting common sense laws in place so the public is safe."

Phillips travels across the country in a trailer responding to other victims of mass shootings.

"We have gone to Newtown, we have gone to Santa Barbara, San Bernardino and Orlando," Phillips said.

When she read about the shooting in Las Vegas, Phillips had to choke back tears the best she could. She's working to get to Las Vegas as soon as possible to aid survivors.

For more information on her mission, you can visit