SAN ANTONIO -- Many people with children like to document each milestone of a baby's life.

One San Antonio mother is distraught after thieves stole a backpack with her son's baby book inside.

This happened at the Songbird Apartments off Callaghan Road on the northwest side.

Five weeks ago, Crystal Jordan gave birth to her baby, Logan. While she was pregnant, a friend bought her a baby book to document Logan's milestones.

"It had a black and white teddy bear on the front, like a photograph of a teddy bear. It actually had purple and pink stripes on the binding, because at the time when I picked it online you couldn't tell it was purple and pink," Jordan said.

Jordan returned to work when Logan was just two weeks old. So, in her free time on the job, she would work on the baby book.

She carried everything in a white and gray JanSport backpack with two pockets on the front.

"His little footprints from the hospital, little umbilical cord clamps, little hospital band, his crib card...All those little cards from doctor's appointments, ultrasound photos," said Jordan. "Also, since I had been taking it back and forth to work. I had my nursing stethoscope, my blood pressure cuff, my pulse ox, my nursing scissors, and my basic nursing stuff in the bag."

Last weekend, when Jordan arrived at work, the backpack she left in the backseat of the car was gone.

"My son and I walked all the way around [the apartment complex]. It was dark and we walked around with a flashlight and a big stick and just pushed through the dumpsters and looked around, looked in the woods, everything. It was gone," said Jordan. "Then we got back in and I opened the door and started bawling again. It was a big loss."

The thieves also emptied her glove compartment.

What really broke Jordan's heart was the missing baby book, which also had a letter to the baby from her grandparents who both passed away while she was pregnant.

"Both were really sick and my aunt had written out for them a letter to put in a gift for me. ‘We may not be there right now, but we know he's growing in your tummy. Maybe you can tell him stories about us.' I had taped that already in the baby book," Jordan said.

This was the first baby book for the Jordan family.

As a student, Jordan pinched pennies and didn't get the chance to put together a book for her first two children.

"It took me a couple of days before I even thought about all the identity information they had off of all my stuff in the glove compartment," said Jordan. "I was just so upset over the baby book, I didn't care about anything else."

Her address is inside the book. Crystal said all she wants are the cherished memories tucked inside.

"Put it on my front doormat," she said. "I won't press charges. Everything will be forgiven and forgotten. I just want the baby book back.