An estimated 49 million Americans face food insecurity. In Bexar County, one out of five individuals is potentially eligible to receive food stamps, yet only about half actually participate in the program.

Texas is the second most food insecure state in the nation.

A mobile food bank here in San Antonio wants to help tackle hunger and highlight nutrition in the Alamo City.

"The Mobile Mercado provides nutritional foods and spreads a healthy message," Eric Cooper CEO of San Antonio Food Bank said.

Most of the food they distribute was grown on their own property.

"These brussel sprouts came right off the Food Bank farm," Cooper shared.

Instead of just relying on food donations and generous checks to feed the hungry, the food bank rolled out its "Mobile Mercado" three months ago.

"One of the biggest barriers is income, how much you make and geography," Cooper said.

But with the mobile unit, people can watch how to make healthy meals as well.

Families on state assistance can even shop with their Lone Star cards.

Mobile Mercado was featured at today's San Antonio Food Bank's 3rd annual Nutrition Summit.

The Mayor also spoke to more than 200 health care and nutrition practitioners and policy makers about the city's latest urban agricultural movement.

"We will be using vacant and under-utilized lots in city for urban gardens," Mayor Ivy Taylor said.

She said it will not only help solve food insecurity but promote overall healthy eating to curb obesity and diabetes in San Antonio.

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