While they may have had to deal with past challenges, such as moving or coping with a deployed parent, children of active-duty military parents had the chance to play with the latest toys to hit the market.

The "Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Exchange" gives military children a preview of the most highly anticipated holiday toys during a special focus group event.

The toys that get the strongest response will receive the "Military Brat Approved" designation on store shelves and online at shopmyexchange.com this fall.

This year's Military Brat Approved program will be the first in which Joint Base San Antonio children will select the Exchange's Military Brat Approved-toys.

The Military Brat Approved program began in 2014 when the Exchange decided to go straight to the experts, the kids themselves, to find out what toys would be among the hottest during the holiday season.

The toys that generate the most interest will receive the Military Brat Approved title, and will be identified by special logos.