Oscar Munoz is a magician who performs around Texas and around the world. Tuesday he woke up to a phone call where a caller threatened his life.

"It was really scary when you wake up to a phone call when people say they're going to kill you because of the way you treat people on an airplane," Munoz said.

Munoz shares the same name as United Airlines CEO.

A recent viral video posted to social media shows security officers dragging a bloodied passenger off a United flight on Sunday.

The airline randomly selected four passengers they asked to get off the plane in order to make room for four airline employees who needed to get from Chicago to Louisville.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz defended the actions saying the passenger defied security and became disruptive and belligerent.

Back in San Antonio, the other Oscar Munoz has been getting dozens of emails about it from angry people.

"Would you think that the CEO of a major corporation would put his phone number, his personal phone number so you can contact him or his personal email? I kind of doubt it I have yet to find his email because I would like to send him all the emails that I've received on his behalf," San Antonio's Munoz said.

Tuesday President Trump's spokesperson called the video "troubling".

Several lawmakers are calling for an investigation into this incident.