SAN ANTONIO -- A six mile stretch along interstate 10 is all that separated die hard Democrats and Republicans on the eve of Election Day. Both parties were rallying their troops.

First, it was Republicans with Governor Greg Abbott headlining a Get Out The Vote event.

“Are you all ready to send a message to Hillary Clinton not to mess with Texas?” asked Abbott while addressing the crowd.

About an hour later and just south, a completely different tune with Democrats.

“Tomorrow with those votes, we’re going to elect the first woman president of the United States,” said Manuel Medina, Bexar county Democratic Party chairman.

The focus of both events was to make sure everyone is working hard until the polls close.

Brooke Meads is a freshman at UTSA. She has spent weeks block walking for Republicans and she said she’s not done working.

“I'm going to be out at different polling stations holding signs and telling people, ‘Hey please vote for these candidates they need your vote,’” Meads said.

Steve Huerta has also been hitting the streets hard, but for Democrats. On Election Day his focus is making sure other volunteers are ready for the biggest day of the campaign.

“Do they need a ride [voters]? We’ll go pick them up and grab them. If there are signs that are missing we’ll go replace them,” Huerta said.

Huerta and Meads may not see eye to eye on who they’re voting for, but they both agree plenty of votes are still up for grabs.

When asked if someone’s mind could be changed on the eve of Election Day, Meads said, “I think maybe. I always like to be hopeful, I’m a very positive person.”

“I think someone’s mind can always be changed. That’s the thing about politics in America,” Huerta said.

Although there was a lot of talk at both events Monday about both presidential candidates, there was also emphasis on getting people to vote for congressional, state and local races.