SAN ANTONIO – Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales released a statement on Sunday regarding the recent protests in San Antonio.

The release stated:

“I have been very vocal about my deep concerns over Trump’s rhetoric regarding communities of color, LGBTQ communities and his treatment of women. I respect and understand the right for peaceful protest but my colleagues' statement yesterday presumed violence. I disagree with that presumption.

Now is the time to help vulnerable communities across America who are scared and try to understand the outcome of the recent Presidential elections. I am saddened to hear about incidents of racism and homophobia that have been inflamed by the dangerous hate speech President-elect Trump used during his campaign. We must move forward and use policy as a way to protect those who Trump’s comments threaten most.”

The City Council released the following statement on Saturday evening:

“The City Council supports all San Antonians' First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly. However, we condemn violence of any kind, including hate speech. We urge all groups gathering today to remain peaceful and respect the incredible diversity of our beautiful city. We have and will be united against forces that seek to drive us apart.”

Councilwoman Gonzales ended her release by providing resources within the community that are available for people if they’re feeling unsafe or need someone to talk to.

Discrimination Complaints can be filed with the City of San Antonio here:
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Phone: 210.207.8911

Report all anti-Latino and anti-Immigrant incidents to:
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Phone: (210)-224-5476

Report all anti-LGBTQ crimes to:
The Trevor Project (866).488.7386
Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860