Two city councilmen filed an official request to relocate a Confederate monument that was built in the 1900's.

The monument has a soldier atop with a rifle in one hand and he points to the sky.

The words "Lest We Forget, Our Confederate Dead" is inscribed on the monument. It sits in the middle of Travis Park, one of the oldest parks in the country.

The park was named for Colonel William Barrett Travis who was a commander of the Texan troops at the Alamo.

District 2 City Councilman William "Cruz" Shaw says the monument is offensive and people view that it celebrates slavery.

"Many people including myself feel that the Confederate symbolism signifies more than just a confederate flag or civil war. For me, it re-enacts slavery, it re-enacts people being lesser than others," Shaw said.

Today, Shaw joined District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño to file a council consideration request (CCR) to relocate the monument.

"The fact that it sits as center piece in a public park, in one of our most prominent parks in downtown San Antonio is problematic for some and we want to make sure our parks are inclusive and tells a compassionate and thoughtful story of our city," Treviño said.

But a non-profit organization called Texas Freedom Force believe the removal of the statute is erasing history.

Brandon Burkhart, vice-president of the group, said the monument honors the soldiers who died in the Civil War.

"It's to honor all. That covers all races, all walks of life," Burkhart said. "Veterans are veterans and history is history. It should not be touched. Good or bad. So the people of Texas, the people of San Antonio can go there and visit it to have an open discussion about what happened. Learn from the past and move forward."

Burkhart said his organization is made up of 5 thousand members and their mission is to protect Texas history and monuments. He's planning a rally August 12th at Travis Park at 2 p.m.

"For Treviño and Shaw to do this, it's a slap in the face to Texans," Burkhart said. "We will be pressing forward with a recall, to recall both Trevino and Shaw and any other councilman who votes on this."

The new location of the monument will be decided the City of San Antonio's Arts and Culture staff, Office of Historic Preservation, and Office of Military Affairs.