SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio city councilman said Tuesday that he is calling for a full audit of the Tricentennial Commission.

This comes after Tricentennial CEO Edward Benavides stepped down from his position Monday.

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The following comments are Councilman Greg Brockhouse’s remarks on the status of the Tricentennial Commission:

“From my first briefing on the Tricentennial Commission, I have become increasingly concerned about the fundraising and operational progress of the 300-year anniversary celebration. The resignation of the Tricentennial CEO was a necessary step, but much more transparency is needed. It alarms me that this resignation comes with less than 48 days before the kickoff Celebration on New Year’s Eve.With that, I have requested our next available Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee meeting have an agenda item to discuss an independent review of the operational and financial processes of the Tricentennial, to include who had supervisory responsibility for the Tricentennial and CEO. We must be completely transparent with the public on the status and future of the Tricentennial Celebration. These shortfalls are not the sole responsibility of the CEO. Accountability demands an independent review to ensure the systemic issues that led to these breakdowns are removed immediately.”

In a separate message, District 1 City Councilman Roberto C. Treviño provided the following statement regarding Tricentennial leadership and a possible audit:

“The Arts, Culture and Heritage City Council Committee is the appropriate venue to receive updates and ask questions about the Tricentennial Commission’s progress in planning the celebration of our City’s 300th Anniversary. As Chairman of the Committee, I believe we should give the Tricentennial Commission and interim leadership the time and opportunity to assess the progress and make any necessary changes. I expect Interim CEO Carlos Contreras – who has been on the job for one day – to provide an update to the Committee next week. I have full confidence in his responsiveness and I will work to ensure he reports to the committee regularly.

Should an audit of the Commission’s finances and operations become necessary, it will not be a part of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee’s function; rather, it should appropriately fall under the purview of the Audit Committee.

I challenge my Council colleagues to remain focused on helping to make this undertaking a great success for our community. We have the burden of responsibility to make this moment shine in the history of our city. The Committee will continue the oversight of the Tricentennial effort and will work with the Tricentennial Commission, City Manager, and Mayor on planning and events.”