Nearly four million Texans will be traveling between Wednesday and Sunday for Thanksgiving this year. That's the highest the state has seen in a dozen years.

While it might be one of the busiest years for Thanksgiving travel, one silver lining for Texans, and especially travelers in the Alamo City, is gas prices are at the lowest they've been in recent weeks.

San Antonio also has the lowest gas prices in the state at an average of $2.18 a gallon.

AAA said 1.6 million more Texans will be traveling this year for Thanksgiving than last, and that's a three percent increase. AAA said more Texans will be traveling by car this year than last, and four percent more will be traveling by plane.

"As far as air fares go, these are the lowest air fares we've seen in four years on average across the United States," said Daniel Armbruster, spokesperson for AAA in Texas.

Between Wednesday and Sunday, San Antonio is expected to see the most traffic between 5-7 p.m. Wednesday and the least on Thanksgiving day.

"They won't find pain at the pump, but they will find pain when they get on the roadways, especially Interstate 35, I-37 and I-10 maybe going toward Houston. Those are going to be crowded, prepare for delays, especially today," Armbruster said Wednesday.

They also suggest you make sure your vehicle is ready for the road trip.

"AAA is expecting to come to the rescue of nearly 330,000 motorists across the United States, just in that five-day period. The biggest issues are tire related issues like flat tires, battery related issues and vehicle lockouts," said Armbruster.