Next year the Final Four comes to the Alamo City, and the excitement is already underway. San Antonio Bike Share and the Final Four have partnered up to start promoting next year's championship.

"We have two specialty painted bikes. They are B-cycle bikes. You will be able to find them around town and they will be out for the entire year," San Antonio Bike Share Executive Director J.D. Simpson said.

The pair of bikes are very Fiesta-like, painted yellow, red, and teal!

Passerby Maryann said, "The colors are beautiful! They just stand out. They pop!"

They're complete with next year's Final Four logo, fun stickers, and the B-Cycle basket.

They were designed by the NCAA Final Four.

"They came up with the colors and how they wanted it, then we painted them and got the stickers and put it all together," Simpson said.

And through midnight tonight you can ride any B-Cycle bike for free. "You still have to check in every hour like bike share normally works, otherwise it's two dollars every half hour. But as long as you check the bikes in every hour within the 24 hours it is at zero cost," Simpson said.

But that's not all.

You could win a Fiesta medal! All you have to do is snap a picture of yourself with the bike. Use the hashtag #BasketballFiesta and you could win a free limited edition 2018 Final Four fiesta medal.

"The medals are incredible looking. We are very excited," Simpson said.