It only took a couple of hours for San Antonio fans of the Houston Astros to clear the shelves of all the championship swag they could buy.

Local Academy stores reported brisk sales all morning long. Jennifer Pecina left for work early so she could stop off and buy three shirts for herself and her family. She scored.

"It's just an important moment in franchise history, especially after everything Houston has been through, with the hurricane and everything," Pecina said. "It was just a really great moment and I'm so proud of the team and the Astros for bringing home the World Series."

Harold Stence came to shop while proudly wearing a Houston Astros hat. “I got it at Minute Maid Park in the Astros and Yankees game, Game 6, when the Astros were actually behind. I was so nervous I couldn't even watch the game last night, but I am a happy, happy Astros fan!”

Ramon Perez said he has supported his team for about 35 years and he came to shop wearing one Astros shirt, but longing for another, proclaiming the championship. The faithful fan said “I been waiting. I been crying, suffering, but it paid off.”

Levi Scriven said when the game ended he immediately called his grandfather, who has followed the team for decades. "I actually called him last night, he was crying, on the road, because he’s a trucker."

Scriven said a love of the Astros is a family tradition. “All my family have been Astros fans forever. We've just been waiting for this day to finally come around."

Adam Shifflett said his family watched the game together last night and he hopes this is the start of something big. “It would be nice to have a repeat. I think the team's got enough young talent where they've got the people that they need for a good five or six more years."