SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio International Airport is the best in Texas and one of the best in the entire country.

That's according to a recent study from NerdWallet, examining which airports are most likely to get you to and from your destination on time this holiday season.

The study ranked San Antonio International Airport 11th in the country based on the frequency of delayed or canceled flights and user reviews.

The next best airport in Texas is the William P. Hobby airport in Houston, which is ranked 26th.

According to NerdWallet, San Antonio has about 10.9 percent of flights delayed a half-hour or more, a very low figure. They also found 4.6 percent of flights are delayed an hour or more, and a mere 1.11 percent are canceled altogether.

Evelynn Bailey, a spokeswoman for the airport, said it's the result of good planning, small size, and good conditions.

"The larger airports, especially if they're on a coast, they might be affected by the weather,” said Bailey. “If they're affected by the weather, it's kind of one of those domino effects."

That's especially apparent during the holidays. Of its 8.5 million annual travelers, about 50,000 will go through the airport during the holidays.

But Bailey promises wait times that, for those used to larger airports, might seem deceivingly short.

"Maybe 20 minutes,” said Bailey. “We very rarely see anything go longer than that."

Bailey recommends travelers still get to the airport with plenty of time before leaving for the holidays. The good news is that much of that wait might be spent relaxing, rather than standing in long security lines.

Bailey also said construction on the airport’s new parking garage is going ahead of schedule. That means travelers will be able to park closer on or before their completion goal of April 2017.