SAN ANTONIO -- The District Two Senior Center was turned into a concert venue Tuesday morning as the community hosted the Flying Balalaika Brothers.

"We represent Russian and Russian Gypsy folk music. I play guitar and accordion, Sergey plays balalaikai. That's what we do," Zhenya Rock said.

The duo shredded through extreme tempo picking songs, slowed things down for a couple waltzes and even played some Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline.

"It was different and like I said, it's good that the center exposes us to all kinds of music," Billie Perryman said.

After finishing their rendition of Cline's 'Crazy', Agnes Dewinne said Rock's voice sounded a lot like Chet Atkins.

"They don't sound like they're from Russia you know," she said. "Like they're from Texas."

The Flying Balalaika Brothers performance was made possible through a partnership between District Two and the Musical Bridges Around the World program.

"If they take something home, just peace through the music," said Rock. "That's all we ever ask, you know?"