Today, St. Phillip's College hosted its 5th unplanned pregnancy prevention event.

More than 200 students learned about the responsibility of being a parent, and health-related issues with pregnancy.

“Civic engagement or service learning is actually reaping fruit in terms of student interest and student engagement,” Dr. Solomon Nfor, biology faculty member said.

As part of their lesson, used computerized babies. The babies simulated the effects of alcohol, drugs and even abuse.

"They're learning healthy development of a normal child but they're also able to see a comparison of what potential issues could arise, could go wrong," Ricardo Lopez, academic programs coordinator said. “Our goal is to make sure students, when they're learning in class, they'll able to apply what they learned to the community.”

St. Phillip's college student Valerie Esquivel said she got pregnant twice when she was a teenager. She said it's never too early or too late to educate yourself.

"Because a lot of times with teen pregnancy, when you're young, you either don't know or you know," Esquivel said. "Don't be shy and don't be afraid to ask questions."

The event is part of the college's program called the Jessica's Project. Learn more here.