The San Antonio Military community delivered 80,000 pounds of relief supplies to Houston on Wednesday.

Eyewitness News Reporter Adi Guajardo rode along with the team on their mission.

While you were sleep, the 433rd Airlift Wing from Joint Base San Antonio delivered thousands of needed supplies to those in dire need of everyday essentials.

Also on board, more than 60 medical personnel from the 59-TH Medical Wing, ready to help with medical needs.

Upon landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport, they unloaded equipment and supplies including toiletries, water, and medical equipment.

Lieutenant Colonel Marc Mulkey said his duties in San Antonio left him feeling helpless when his family and friends needed him most.

"We have some friends right now we're keeping in touch with that right now their house are feet underwater also some classmates that are here and that are actually in boats " Mulkey said.

Check out Guajardo's updates riding along with the heroic crew!