SAN ANTONIO - Headquarters Air Education and Training Command released the cause of death on Tuesday for an airman who died at JBSA-Camp Bullis in 2016.

Based on his condition when found and after a post-mortem examination, AETC reported that Airman First Class Kenneth Sturgill’s death was accidental and caused by a heat stroke.

The 21-year-old airman was found unresponsive on July 7, 2016 at the end of a six-hour solo living exercise. Attempts by both military and civilian medical personnel to revive him were unsuccessful.

He was at Camp Bullis attending SERE Specialist Training Orientation Course (SST-OC) and a press release from AETC stated that multiple safety checks were performed during the day by Air Force instructors and they never found him in distress.

AETC said the SERE Selection School solo living exercise simulates conditions students might encounter if isolated, as well as demonstrates the physical and mental rigors of being a SERE specialist. The course is the first step for all SERE specialists and has been conducted at JBSA-Lackland since 1992.

Prior to this, the course had no fatalities.