A San Antonio man is accused of stabbing and killing his estranged wife and making a child clean up the blood from the crime.

Lewis Bright, 47, faces murder charges and was being held on $150,000 bond.

On November 16, 2017, police were called to the First Choice Emergency Clinic for a report of a woman stabbed.

Medical staff say a man dropped the woman off at the clinic and left. According to an arrest report, the woman was still conscious at the medical center and told staff her husband stabbed her. She said the stabbing happened at an apartment on Nacogdoches.

Police say a child living at the apartment came home from school that day and saw Bright as he was driving the victim to the medical center. The arrest report says the child saw the victim with her eyes closed and blood on her mouth.

Police say Bright told the child the victim had cut herself. The arrest report says Bright later called the child and asked the child to clean up the blood in the apartment.