Billy Joe “Red” McCombs was joined by his wife of 68 years, Charline, family, and employees at the Magnolia Halle on Monday for the celebration.

"Never in my life I even thought that I'd be 90 because, in our clan, men don't reach past the age of 72. For some reason, God is good and he has allowed me some extra time," McCombs said. "I would always be working because to me my work is what I enjoy doing. If I lived to be a 100, I'd still be working."

McComb's tireless energy, ambition, and business savvy side has made him a household name in South Texas. He's built an empire of car dealerships and real-estate across Texas. He also co-founded iHeartMedia also known as Clear Channel Communications.

"I think I was born a natural entrepreneur because whether it be little deals, big deals, in between or what, I'm a deal junkie. I enjoy doing it and I do it pretty well," McCombs said. "My dad was an auto mechanic and a very good one and that's all he wanted to be. But I would want to own the dealership, not just the mechanic."

McCombs has also owned major sports teams including the Minnesota Vikings and the San Antonio Spurs for a while.

"We really needed that because frankly, there were a lot of Fortune 500 companies that have never been to San Antonio and they felt it was a little dusty Army town. But once we were able to get into the NBA and go into places like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and beat their teams, then they started respecting us," McCombs said.

McCombs has also, given back to the community for decades. The McCombs Foundation supports numerous organizations in San Antonio. He said his biggest contribution was 50 million dollars to one organization.

"We didn't have a lot of money in our house growing up but whatever we had, my mom and my dad would share with people," McCombs said. "I love to share what we do and I love to give back. We're supposed to help those who have less. We're supposed to help those in need. We don't really think we get a pat on the back for that. We think that's what we should do."