The year of 2017 may have gotten the best of some donors because one of the oldest and biggest fundraisers is low on donations.

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign ends Saturday and the organization is still short thousands of dollars.

Brad Mayhar, Public relations for the Salvation Army said they are short $15,000 of where they would like to be. Mayar attributes the offseason due to donor fatigue after Hurricane Harvey and snow.

Volunteers like Virginia Woods stand hours a day collecting donations.

"It's just great to be out there and know that you're helping people," Woods said.

Woods said she's seen donations steady, but this is her first year volunteering.

The campaign helps the salvation feed and provide shelter to those that need it in the community

and helps fund many other of the organizations' programs.

Woods says she encourages everyone to donate, as every little bit helps.

"Donate what you can," Woods said. "If you don't have money say a prayer that someone who does will donate the money."

Donations can also be made online at