Volunteers from the community, Leon Valley emergency responders and the San Antonio Red Cross chapter put their emergency disaster skills to the test in a real-life disaster scenario.

The group learned how to set up a shelter response operation that could be put into place should a natural disaster strike the area.

The Red Cross said it's important to have simulations like this, so that when an emergency happens, response between local authorities and nonprofits is coordinated and organized.

"It is very important for the local authorities to know how the Red Cross operates. The Red Cross is normally the second group of responders that will come in after a disaster happens," said Marco Banda, a volunteer from the Red Cross.

Leon Valley Fire Department Chief Luis Valdez said he wants his crew to have a mapped out response plan so that they're ready to go when a real life situation happens.

"We want to find out if there are any mistakes that could happen right now and sharpen them up," he said.